By chance or probably not, I was, time and again, an “intermediary between the worlds” in the course of nearly all of my professional activities. Thus, as account manager between the requirements of the companies on the one hand and the business and risk policy of the bank on the other. Or, when implementing larger finance transactions in Central and Eastern Europe: between the mentality and the competitive situation of the Eastern European customers and colleagues and in turn the objectives/expectations of the Western European shareholders. It would be easy for me to give you further examples.

It goes without saying that I’d like to draw on this experience for the benefit of my clients and to focus on the following services:

  • Assistance during team building processes: integrating employees in new organisational units, organising events, assisting such an integration process
  • Post-merger integration: similar tasks as team building including however the particular requirements in the course of merging two different companies (corporate cultures) with even a possibly different geographical background.
  • Intercultural management
  • Assistance in the course of difficult negotiations: the services offered range from development to active involvement